5 key things to expect from your Tradie

  • May 16, 2021
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It’s the one thing we hear all the time. “You won’t believe it but the last Tradie I had out did x, y, z.” Whilst some may have over the top expectations. There are some basic and common sense things you should always expect from your Tradie:  

1. A confirmation call or text the afternoon/evening before they attend

This allows both parties to advise each other should their availabilities have changed or if there is a change to the works required.  

2. A courtesy call when the Tradie is on their way

Your Tradie should be giving you a call to let you know they are on their way or 30 minutes out.  

3. A call to let you know they are running late.

Unless something unexpected happens as they are packing up on site, your Tradie will know that they are running late, well before they are actually late. So a phone call to let you know what time they are expected to arrive, or give you a chance to reschedule if needs be is the way to go.  (whilst sleeping in a wheelbarrow could be a thing, we highly doubt it’s why your Tradie is running late)  

4. Manners and respect

Your Tradie should always treat you and your home with respect and show manners. It’s more than ok to expect your Tradie to take off their shoes, have a smile on their face and clean up after themselves.  

5. Keeping you up to date and making sure you know what you need to know

It’s ok to ask questions and your Tradie should be able to answer all of them. Make sure they provide you with warranty information and how to get in contact with them if there you have any questions or need some assistance.
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