Help & FAQ’s

Here are some of our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find your answer here please complete our contact form below or email us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Does MyTradie cost anything for tradies to use?

Nope! Not a thing, zip, zilch, zero, nada. There is no membership, lock in contract, charge for leads, subscription or deduction from invoices. We have endeavoured to design a service that is easy for tradies to use and for once doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

What do I need to become a MyTradie Tradie?

Tradies need an ABN, Public Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation or Personal Accident and Injury Insurance, Contractor License (or industry relevant to your state), Drivers License, White Card (or industry relevant to your state) and demonstrated completion of quality works. You’ll also need your own vehicle and tools for your trade.

How does the Warranty period work?

You will be required to warrant your works for 12 months past completion. If there is an issue with your workmanship within those 12 months you will need to rectify that at your own cost. If the warranty call is due to product then the manufacturer’s warranty will apply. If at the time you attend the warranty call and it is determined to be by no fault of the tradie a variation will be supplied to the customer to rectify the works at their cost.

Should you not attend to a warranty call within the specified timeframe (depending on urgency of the issue) and do not wish to re-attend, the order will be assigned to another trade and you will be invoiced for the warranty works (if it is determined to be a genuine recall)

What about the payment terms? When do Tradies get paid?

Tradies are paid 7 days following completion of works, this allows for any initial call backs to be rectified if needed as we are aware the majority of recalls occur within 7 days of the initial works being completed.

Who will you be completing work for?

To start off with our works will be for local Property Managers and the rental properties they manage. In time though, we will be expanding our service to Home Owners.

What type of work will be needed?

Our service is for residential maintenance, repairs and improvements. At first jobs will be created per trade. Later on down the track will be looking in to adding the ability to have renovations and extensions completed.

What types of trades are need?

We are after any trade that completes residential maintenance works. We are anticipating a large amount of work for electricians, plumbers, carpenters, handymen and Property Maintenance (gardening, high pressure cleaning and end of lease cleaners) to begin with.

Where is the work located?

MyTradie is initially servicing the Macarthur, Liverpool, Parramatta and North West regions. As it is a new service that we are providing keeping the work local allows us to keep on top of any teething issues we may have.

We will be expanding to Sydney Wide as soon as the initial launch period is over and will be Australia Wide within 12 months.

Will there be enough work for the tradies?

MyTradie already has over 7000 properties signed on in the Macarthur, Liverpool, North West and Parramatta regions, this number is also growing rapidly. Whilst we can’t guarantee that every tradie will have enough work to solely work off MyTradie we personally believe that we will have more than enough jobs coming through to keep you all going!

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