Shut the Front Door

  • April 27, 2020
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So first off WOW! What an incredible week it’s been in MyTradie land . A week ago, I was welcoming just over 1000 of you to MyTradie… This week we are almost at 1800. To say we are speechless is an understatement. I want to start by saying thank you for all the kind words, encouragement and positive reinforcement we have received from our first little blog post. This makes our reasoning behind MyTradie even more solid. This is not just something that the industry needs, it’s what you as the public want too! I’ve since spent the past week thinking (make that stressing) about what to write next. I decided to stop thinking about it and to just sit down and write and what needs to be said will follow. I think the most important thing to get out there is that MyTradie would not be where it is today without the people. Without you. Yes, we had an idea. We saw a gigantic hole in the industry but the question was, how do we fix it? It’s easy to identify a problem, but it’s another thing to fix it and come up with the right fix. MyTradie may be the solution to the problem but we couldn’t have found that solution without you all. How can we say that you ask? We asked you. Maybe not you directly, but we asked the public, we asked tradies, we asked Property Managers. We spent months upon months asking the public specific questions about what they disliked about tradies, what was the hardest part about having works completed. How long had they been putting off getting works done around their homes? We asked what would make them feel more comfortable with contacting tradies. We may have even knocked on your door! (I’d love to hear from you if we did knock on your door!) We then asked Tradies (from every specification that we could think of) what would make them choose one particular app over another to find work. We asked them what the hardest parts of starting out on their own were, and about the hardest barriers to overcome with customers. We asked about the parts of their job that they disliked the most and what they would change about the industry. And finally, we asked them how we could make their jobs easier, and what they would really like to see from an app like MyTradie. It was one day, after our All Trades company was contacted by a Property Manager to have some works completed at one of the properties, they managed that we saw that Property Managers really had it tough. They have such strict guidelines to follow when it comes to having works completed at the properties they manage and finding trades to complete those works can be such a tedious and gruelling task. After the phone call we realised that MyTradie had everything they needed. Right there. Ready for them to go. What came next was hours and hours of visiting Real Estate offices, most of the time unannounced to sit down with Property Managers showing them through MyTradie and asking what we could do to help make their jobs easier. I guess what we are trying to say here is that MyTradie is your product. It wouldn’t be MyTradie without you all. Although hours and hours of work have been spent working on MyTradie over the years, it’s all of you that have made it in to the service that you all have been giving us such great feedback on. So please keep it coming, we love it! The good, the bad and even if it’s a little bit ugly. We want to know if you think there is something we may have missed or could do be doing a little better. MyTradie is the people’s product, it wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you all. Before I sign this off with a little until next time can I ask a favour of you all? I’m asking you to tell us what you’d like to know more about? We keep saying that MyTradie is about the people and we’d like to give back in whatever way we can. So, we will be doing little Q & A videos on the questions that you all have for us. We mentioned in our first blog about the predatory companies that are out there. There are some sure-fire ways to spot them, would you like to know what they are? Perhaps you’re a tradie and would love to know more about why MyTradie is going to be good for you? Maybe you would like to know what sets MyTradie apart from all of the other services out there to arrange for works to be completed at your home. We’d love to hear about what you would like more info on. Feel free to tell us below, or if you’d prefer to ask privately, send us a PM. Can’t wait to hear what you all come up with for us! Until next time, MyTradie P.S – To all the Mums working from home during COVID, you’ve got this! You’re amazing! This photo may be all cute and lovely, but in the next he is not only drooling on me,he is trying to bite my nose. Life is unpredictable – make the most of it!

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