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  • May 31, 2020
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Hi Everyone! You may have seen a review that was posted on our MyTradie Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. It was an amazing review too! The customer had said that they were going to leave us a review but we had no idea that she was going to leave us such an amazing one. When we read it we realised that we had no idea of the impact our gesture or what we did had on them. It made us think a little bit. How many people understand the importance of reviews and customer relations? Can a review influence the way that people view a company? A little bit of a backstory in case you haven’t read or seen the review. We went out to the customers property to have a look at their hot water system and whilst we were there, they asked Aaron to have a look at a drainage issue they had down the side of the house. The previous owner had installed a new downpipe and had dug it in to the ground and not actually connected it to the stormwater. This was causing a myriad of issues including mould growing in their bathroom and the nursery of their soon to be born little girl (she has arrived since we completed the works and is absolutely beautiful!). Aaron explained the options that they had regarding a permanent fix (which is was a massive job) and a temporary solution. The customer opted to go with the temporary solution for now and would get it done a few weeks after the baby was born. After leaving site, it really weighed on Aaron leaving the property as it was for 6 to 8 weeks knowing the damage to their health and the health of their baby as well as to the property it could cause. He decided, that he just needed to get it done ASAP and offered to do the job for them for free. He had the majority of the materials at home left over from another job so it was only really our time that it was going to cost us. We called the customer and told them what we were going to do. There were tears, thank yous and LOTS of gratitude. A couple of days later, the work was completed, we had some seriously full bellies from the amazing lasagne the customer made us for lunch and off we went on our merry way. Well you know what happened next – we were left with the most incredible review! We were stunned! The impact the review has had on our company has been incredible. We have had an influx of work, our review has been shared a multitude of times, we’ve had over 500 reactions on facebook and Instagram and countless people saying they will now use our company for all of their works. Studies have shown that 88 percent of people read company reviews before choosing to go with a company and 42 percent of people will choose a company based off a positive review or recommendation from someone that they know. Those are some pretty crucial statistics hey?! So let’s flip the table – How often is it that you see or hear of someone talking about a company in a negative way? It spreads like wildfire doesn’t it?! Studies have shown that customers will tell between 9 and 15 people about a negative experience they have had where as only 1 in 10 customers will leave a positive review. These studies also reflect that it can take up to 40 positive reviews to undo the damage one negative review has caused. This just tells us how you treat your customers (and it can be something small like taking your shoes off, making sure you clean up after yourselves or simply how you interact with them and their family) makes such a massive difference. It can be the difference in the customer just saying thank you or them wanting to openly tell the public about how amazing you are by leaving a glowing review. Ultimately, customers are inviting you in to their homes and in a way their lives – whether it be for an hour or two or perhaps even days or weeks depending on the works being completed. It is because of this that it is so important to show them that you care and their homes and families are important. At MyTradie we focus on always providing our customers with a positive experience and we are so glad this is being reflected in the experiences our customers are talking about having with us. This is why on our platform only customers who have had works completed by a tradie can leave a review and we encourage all of our customers to do so. We’re getting closer and closer to a launch date now and can’t wait to have you all on board with us. Let’s change the industry and the way customers view tradies together by having 100% of our customers leaving positive reviews!   If you’d like to hear and see more tips from the team on how to keep your homes in tip top shape or your maintenance expenses down, head over to our new facebook group – All Things Maintenance We’d love to have you. If you’d like to check out our other blogs you can find them here You can also find us on facebook at don’t forget to like and follow!

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