Top 4 Things to Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

  • November 9, 2020
  • admin
Want to keep those customers coming back? But not sure what you need to perfect? If you can hit these 4 things on the head with your hammer, satisfaction will go through the roof!
Customers want to know everything pertaining to the works being completed. Make sure your quotes are very descriptive and provide a run down of what you will be doing, the more information the better. Also make sure that you carefully explain your pricing structure as well. We list Materials and Labour prices separately. Where possible itemise the materials too, we know that not every screw or fitting can be listed but the bigger ticket items such has toilet suites, timbers for decking or light fittings certainly can. Also make sure you let your customer know how long the job will take to complete in total, not just the hours spent on site. Tiling for example requires multiple visits and a lot of the time the tiler won’t need to be there all day. Doing this allows the customer to coordinate their plans and day to day lives accordingly. Having this level of transparency with your customers brings a feeling of trust and professionalism. Communicating effectively with your customers is one of the greatest skills to have
One of the most common thing we here from customers about other trades, or businesses in general is that they didn’t communicate effectively. Keeping your customer in the loop and communicating effectively makes any “crisis” avertable. We confirm with our customers the evening before and get in touch with them about an hour before we are due to head to site. This is also the perfect time to let your customer know if you are running late (even 5 minutes late, is still late). If you can give your customer notice that you are running late, you give them the opportunity to reschedule. More often than not, our customers thank us for letting them know and still go ahead with their works. How do you feel if you get to a site and the customer isn’t home and you’re left waiting? Grinds your gears doesn’t it? Communication isn’t just about attendance though, they are just examples. There is nothing worse than having to spring something on a customer, we dread their reaction. But if you have created a relationship with your customer because your communication is on point, coming to your customer with a potential issue or change won’t be anywhere near as dreaded.
By being transparent and communicating constantly with our customers, we are letting them know that they are important. If your customers feel like they are important to you it gives them a sense of security and in turn offers a positive experience. Simple things like, taking your shoes off at the door, making sure you clean up after yourself and where possible taking your rubbish with you are little ticks in boxes too. One of the greatest ways to make a customer feel important is to interact with them. We know you’re there to do a job, but for some customers, just spending a couple of minutes small chatting can bridge that final gap. Lastly, but possibly the most important one… SMILE! Customers want you to want to be there. If you’re grumpy or giving the impression you don’t want to be there, will make them feel unimportant.
If you can complete the works you’ve quoted and do all the things you’ve said you were going to do for the price you said you were going to do it for, whilst keeping the customer in the loop and making them feel important – it’s now time to let your work do the talking. Quality work tied in with a quality experience will give you 5 stars every time and keep those customers coming back. You’ll probably find that your phone will start ringing as they will be telling their friends and family about you too! If you’d like to check out our other blogs you can find them here MyTradie is gearing up for its big launch! If you’re wanting to become a MyTradie Tradie and haven’t yet registered head over to Become a MyTradie Tradie to send us your details for an info pack. You can also find us on facebook at don’t forget to leave us a like!

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