And we have LIFT OFF!

  • January 27, 2021
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So it’s been a long couple of months in between our posts. But that’s because we have been heads down and bums up. So for all of you who have been following along at home – WE HAVE LIFT OFF! That’s right!! We are now up and running and live in both the Apple and Google Play Stores. If you are an IOS user you can download the app here: Or if you have are an android user, you can download it here: We’ve been a bit slack on our updates and blog posts because we’ve spending all of our time over the last couple of months undergoing testing and ironing out a few little wrinkles. These were to be expected and we are so grateful for all of the feedback we have been received. We have customers and tradies on board posting and completing jobs and are so pleased with how we are going that we thought it best to let you all know so you can check it out for yourselves. We have some new and exciting updates happening over the next couple of months with both Tenant and Landlord portals and software integrations in the pipeline too! Whilst we are primarily focussing our attention in our local area and Sydney at the moment we can’t imagine that it will be too long before we are taking Australia by storm. If you’re located outside of Sydney and would like us to be available in your area, please reach out to us as we’d love to work with you to bring MyTradie to you as well! If you’re a Tradie and would like to become a MyTradie Tradie, we’d love to have you. Just sign yourself up and we will be in touch. We are so excited for what 2021 has in store for us. We are looking forward to really making a difference in the working lives of both our tradies and customers! Thank you to our amazing Dev Team and our testers for helping us get this far. We definitely wouldn’t be here without you all. We’d also like to thank the Property Managers and Tradies that have been working with us during the testing time!   If you’d like to check out our other blogs you can find them here You can also find us on facebook at don’t forget to like and follow!

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