We may be tools down but we’re still building!

  • August 4, 2021
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Whilst it feels a bit like Groundhog day around here with all of the tradies (and their partners and families) going crazy. Tools down doesn’t mean that we are at a complete stop. We are still building away behind the scenes.

So what are we building? I hear you ask….

We’re all hands on deck building our new web portal to make logging and tracking jobs so much easier for our Property Managers. You will be able to copy and paste from your existing software and click and drag photos and documents. We’re pretty excited for this development and are expecting it to be live within the next 2 months! We’ve known for a while that using an app to log and track maintenance requests hasn’t been the easiest or most user friendly way of handling things and don’t worry, we’ve listened. We take every piece of feedback that we receive on board and use it to build better solutions. We’re excited to see how much we can improve the productivity for our Property Managers and have you focussing your time and energy on tasks not as mundane as maintenance. Just so you know, maintenance us not mundane to us… We love it! You could kinda say it’s our jam (are the cool kids still saying that these days?)

Integration is integral

Some of you may already know we are working to integrate with Property Tree and are hoping to have this up and running in the near future. This will mean that you will see all of the updates/quotes/photos/invoices directly in PropertyTree, simplifying the process even more. It’s still early stages on this project, but we are hammering away and hope to have something up and running very soon.  

In the event of an Emergency

Our trades are still able to work and we are contactable 7 days a week. Whilst tools may be down on regular maintenance, we are still available for any emergency works or works that can be undertaken on vacant properties. Feel free to sing out to us at any time. If you have a work order just flick it through to workorders@mytradie.online and we can take it from there!   If you’d like to hear and see more tips from the team on how to keep your homes in tip top shape or your maintenance expenses down, head over to our new facebook group – All Things Maintenance We’d love to have you. If you’d like to check out our other blogs you can find them here You can also find us on facebook at facebook.com/mytradie don’t forget to like and follow

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